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5.5.4 Features and changes



[W892] ignore quotas without losing the target

An option is added to ignore the quota's maximum target. When the max target is exceeded, a yellow marker is shown "over target".

In quota view, column allow over target, option always.

In default survey properties:

[W897] block a quota without losing the todo informtion

In the past, blocking quotaline, the ToDo information was reset to 0 (which is not accurate as a quota can be temporarily blocked). Blocking a quotaline now shows the original todo information between ( ).

[W993] having a scheduled end date for a web survey

Setsthe survey offline automatically,

but allows the user to put it back online by either changing the date again or forcefully via the webprod tab.  

This datetime is set on Task Properties, on Webprod tab, this option is optional and has a default value of current date + one month 

[W1066] storing the web status of a survey in database

The status of the webprod & surveys is now stored in database.




[W1067] Frequently update of the SurveysQuota and Surveys

These tables are  used in AskiaPortal.   


  • SurveyActualSampleSize  

Cca.SurveysQuota: All the live quota numbers: 

  • CompletedCount 

  • IncompletedCount 

  • AppointmentCount 

  • AppointmentInQuotaCount 

  • AvailableForTelephonyCount 

  • AvailableForWebCount 

  • AvailableCount 

  • AllocatedForFaceMinimumCount 

  • AllocatedForFaceMaximumCount 

  • AllocatedForWebMinimumCount 

  • AllocatedForWebMaximumCount 

This wishlist purpose is to update those counts in the database frequently, based on a delay defined in cca setting.

Default value is 300s.

Enabling/disabling the saving of the counts to the Database can be done with the "save quota state periodically to database" quota setting.
If the setting is disabled, then a CCA restart will not update the counts in the dbo.surveysquota.
Updating the quota view itself, (example updating questions priority, adding/deleting questions,...) triggers an update of the counts in dbo.surveysquota.

The value SurveyActualSampleSize in dbo.Surveys will not be updated as regularly as the counts in dbo.surveysquota. Only after a CCA restart.

Extra notes

Had to update dialogic in order to be able to do calls with CTArchitect. Not sure if related to upgrading to v5.6. Lydia noticed the dialogic QA was using was very old and should've been upgraded anyway.

ASKIA-539 - Supervisor > don't expand previous quotas when adding a new question

When you add a question in quota, all previous quota questions that were collapsed are expanded. And if you have big quota tree, that could be a pain in the ass to scroll at each time.


ASKIA-300 W717 Automatically invrese quota category field size depending on quota


Automatically set the size of the various QuotaCategory fields according to the size of the quotas. Before 5.6.0, the field is limited to 128 bytes. A Multiple closed question with 150+ items sizes around 20 bytes.

ASKIA-404 - Move up or move down question in survey monitor

The ability to move up or down (or drag and drop) a question in the quota tree, at the place you want.


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