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5.5.2 Features and changes



Convert SpeechService to SpeechAPI

The speechservice is made obsolete and is replaced by the speechapi.
There's an option in the CCA settings to link the CCA to the speechapi.

Launch script on CATI user login

On the properties of an inbound/outbound group, the user will be able to set a login script. 

This login script will be executed then a CATI user logs in, and is a member of the group. 



The login script is a VBScript, and can be created similarly to a dynamic mailing script. 

Some details: 

  • The script will be executed on the CATI machine, by CATI 

  • If the agent is a member of multiple groups, all scripts will be executed (sequentially) 

  • When an agent’s membership changes while they are logged in, the script will also be executed. 
    (it will be possible to detect when the script is executed) 

Here is an example for a log in displaying (in the browser) whether the API token is valid: 

Dim url 

url = "http://localhost:54394/session/" + [APIToken(CcaPortal)] + "/Check" 

Set shell = createobject("WScript.Shell") url 



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