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Accessing MyForce Servers

  • Connect to servers based on their IP-address
  • Connect to servers using FQDN:
    • You should try both since currently we are in the middle of a domain move

Test connection

  • In order to be sure you are connected or the issue can be found when things fail =>  
    • Make sure that when things fail, you first redo everything when OpenVPN runs as admin!! This is important since the client needs to be able to adapt the route table!!
    • Do the following tests, if something isn't working still do ALL steps
      • Ping
    • Provide following network info in case of issues to
      • Open a command prompt KeyCombo => Windows + R
      • type cmd.exe and hit enter
      • type the following command and hit enter between them
        • ipconfig /all > C:\ipconfig.txt
        • route print > C:\routes.txt
      • Send both files to


On our internal network you can find some files required for connecting with openVPN from an external location to the MyForce network. The files are stored in folder on our internal network, so don't forget to take them with you! In each folder you will find the following files (use the one(s) appropriate for you):

  • \\greatgazoo\DomainData\username\VPN
  • Windows (XP of hoger)
    • Installs openVPN client + config
    • XXXX-install.exe (32 bit installer)
    • XXXX-install(1).exe (64bit installer)
    • Note: If things don't work => sometimes the application (and setup!) needs to be started as admin!

  • Windows XP => Contact when you need this
  • Mac OS X (Viscosity Bundle)
  • Following files just contain config and should be imported in a openvpn supporting client
    • XXXX-android-config.ovpn (Android)
    • XXXX-ios-config-ovpn (OpenVPN Connect for Android/iOS))
    • XXXX-config.ovpn (Other configs)


Username & Password => Ask =>  (Case sensitive (username is lowercase!))

  • Links to OpenVPN clients for various platforms:
    • OpenVPN Community Client - Binaries for Windows, Source for other platforms. Packaged above in the Windows Installers 

    • OpenVPN For Android - Recommended client for Android 

    • FEAT VPN For Android - For older versions of Android 

    • OpenVPN Connect: Android (Google Play) or iOS (App Store) - Recommended client for iOS 

    • Viscosity - Recommended client for Mac OS X 

    • Tunnelblick - Free client for OS X

    • Ubuntu:

      DNS: Lookup of MyForce hostname:

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